The Therapeutic Process


Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ― Rumi

Mental health looks different on everyone. But one of the most important factors you'll find across the board contributing to a felt sense of wellness is the capacity for flexible and compassionate engagement with one's own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Fear, avoidance, and rigidity lead to reactivity and cause some of our deepest suffering. 

When you find yourself questioning whether to seek support, I believe this is your system letting you know that old patterns, which were learned at some point to protect you in your past, are not letting you move into your future whole and well. 

These patterns can be set in motion from early experiences of developmental misattunement, traumatic experiences, transgenerational trauma, along with the ongoing experiences of oppression, both overt and subtle, in daily life that undermine your trust in your own internal resources.

Under stress everyone relies on the old familiar ways of coping. But an chronic reliance on these old patterns suggests a need to introduce new resources, new ways of thinking, new ways of attending to your feelings and actions, and new ways of looking at the problem. 

Let's get you the support you need to find yourself feeling fuller, more resilient, and ready to take on anything.

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