The Nose Knows


The Nose Knows was first produced as a group workshop in collaboration with Storefront Institute.


In this one-on-one, highly personalized, session I come to you and we explore the value of somatic awareness and the utility of scent as a guidepost to understanding your needs. Think of it as a house call for creating a ritual in the form of a cologne.

Using mindfulness prompts and discussion, we will explore scent and bodily awareness, along with self-care through your body's response to the essential oils. You will learn about the physiological effects of essential oils on your nervous system, memory, and mood. In this way we will make connections between mind and body, smell and emotional or physical needs, as well as the value of discernment and intention.

Drawing from your internal experience of the oils' impact on your system, you will create a uniquely personalized cologne designed to help you more clearly understand and maintain your self-care needs.

You can then incorporate this olfactory reminder into your daily rhythms and habits or use it for important times in your life. Life transitions are important beginnings and all good endings begin with clarity and intention. Career changes, weddings and commitment ceremonies, graduations, and birthdays are all good moments to create ritual. Let your sense of smell help you get closer to what your want and need. 

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