Counseling for Collaborators


Whether working on a new project, a company, or a relationship, collaboration is the make-or-break skill in building, or bringing something beautiful into the world.

We all come from different backgrounds and relational experiences so healthy collaboration takes many forms and it can look different for each collaborator. Wanting different things in our projects or partnerships doesn't have to get in the way of productivity and feeling good together. 

I believe we collaborate the same ways we relate. And not all ways of relating work to support our best interests. Avoidance, rigidity, fear of speaking up, and devaluing others are just some of the ways of relating that fracture our islands of creative and collaborative joy into isolated silos of alienation, distrust, and tension. Sometimes it can be outright shutdown but many a good collaboration ended from ways of relating that deaden joyful, productive partnerships.

Let's figure out the areas of difficulty getting in the way of making something great and turn them into goals for change. In doing so we’ll cultivate new and meaningful experiences in partnership that support collaborative flexibility and creative engagement.

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